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Designed and engineered in the USA, the Celestron CGX Series includes the latest equatorial mount technology, resulting in a visual and imaging low-profile mount that is rigid, ergonomic, and amazingly smart. New telescope control software, designed by engineers from both Celestron and Planewave Instruments, includes multi-point GoTo modeling, focusing, and plate solving. These advanced features allow for remote operation and automation, and the CGX mount supports Celestron accessories like SkyPortal WiFi and StarSense AutoAlign, allowing you to add even more functionality.

The Celestron CGX telescope mount has a massive load capacity of 55 pounds, yet the mount head only weighs 44 pounds. Portable, rigid, smart, and user friendly, the CGX Series is the result of years of Celestron engineering to produce the best mount yet. You'll enjoy years of astronomical pursuits, whether you purchase the mount alone and add your own OTA, or pick up one of the CGX telescope packages listed below. For more information, check out this very informative video, where the Lead Product Engineer from Celestron discusses the highlights of the CGX Equatorial Mount with High Point Scientific's Robert Dugan. We have also written a review of the CGX mount. However you choose to get your information, we believe that you will find the CGX is a real step forward in the world of computerized equatorial mounts.

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