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Celestron CGX 1100 RASA Computerized Telescope - 12059

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Celestron 11" RASA on CGX Computerized EQ Mount

Celestron 11" f/2.2 Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph Telescope on the all-new CGX Mount. This system combines the 11" RASA Astrograph, a system made for incredible deep sky astrophotography, with Celestron's completely redesigned, lower profile computerized CGX GoTo German equatorial mount. The Celestron design team has managed to create a rock-solid system that features a larger payload capacity to accommodate just about any optical tube or accessory you want to use without compromising portability. That means when you want to do some visual observing, you can switch out the OTA to a Schmidt-Cassegrain, refractor, or even a Newtonian, as long as your payload doesn't top 55 pounds.

Celestron CGX Computerized Equatorial Mount

The innovative and ergonomic look of the Celestron CGX mount is the culmination of years of GEM mount design by Celestron’s engineers. Always on the cutting edge of design, functionality and engineering, Celestron has achieved a new level of state-of-the-art with the CGX Series Equatorial Mount. The increased load capacity of 55 pounds will accommodate larger optical tube assemblies, and won’t blink an eye when you add a camera, autoguider with rings, focal reducer, filter wheel, and other imaging accessories that help you create amazing astro-images. This increased capacity and rigidity does not come at the expense of portability. The Celestron CGX EQ Mount only weighs 44 pounds, and the tripod weighs just 19.2 pounds.

The Celestron CGX has a lower profile than mounts that have come before it. Well-placed carry handles and ergonomic lock knobs make it easy to set up and make adjustments to the mount. a dual fix CGE/CG-5 dovetail saddle accepts your choice of OTA. The CGX is more responsive, with spring-loaded worm gears and belt drives that minimize backlash. Internal cabling keeps your RA and DEC cables out of the way, and the power and accessory ports that do accept cables in the traditional manner do not move with the mount. This feature, along with limit sensors and internal hard stops on both RA and Dec work to prevent cable wrap and tripod strike.

The Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount tracks 20-degrees past the meridian on either side to maximize the best imaging time. Technologies such as SkyPortal WiFi and StarSense AutoAlign are supported, and All Star Polar Alignment technology is built-in, for faster and easier polar alignment. New telescope control software for automation and remote operation has been designed for the Celestron CGX in conjunction with Planewave Instruments. This software features multi-point GoTo modeling, focusing and plate solving. With this innovative software, no third party advanced PC control software is needed!

The Celestron NexStar + hand controller is your interface with the CGX mount. It has a celestial database of 40,000 objects, and has fun features such as a automated tour of the best objects up on the date and time you are observing! The backlit buttons are intuitive and easy to use in the dark, and a new USB port on the end of the controller means you won't need an RS232-to-USB adapter.

The newly redesigned CGX tripod has a larger footprint for extra stability and comes with 2” diameter steel tripod legs that have graduated markings for quick leveling. The spreader bar/accessory tray adds extra stability to the heavy-duty tripod, and offers a few places to store your extra eyepieces, including your smartphone, when observing. This tray does not have to be removed before you can collapse your tripod for storage or transport. Finally, the head of the tripod is larger to accommodate the CGX mount, which has an adjustable base to place the center of gravity over the tripod when working at extreme latitudes.

Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount Highlights

  • The CGX Mount has a large 55 pound weight capacity!
  • More responsive, the CGX mount has spring-loaded worm gears with belt drives to minimize backlash.
  • Easily mount a wide range of optical tube assemblies on the CGX dual-fit CG-5 (Vixen)/CGEM (Losmandy) dovetail saddle plate.
  • Internal cabling, Home and Limit switches, internal hard stops for both axes work to prevent cable wrap, tripod strike, and keep your cables safe and out of the way.
  • The CGX tracks 20-degrees past the meridian on either side, supporting you in your astro-imaging endeavors.
  • All-Star Polar Alignment technology is built-in, making polar alignment easier and faster. The CGX mount also supports StarSense AutoAlign.
  • Improved ergonomics and intuitive carry-handles
  • Sophisticated telescope control software is all new and designed in conjunction with Planewave Instruments. Features include multi-point GoTo modeling, focusing and plate solving.
  • No third party advanced PC control software is necessary.
  • Mount weighs just 44 pounds, making it very portable.
  • Included heavy-duty tripod has 2" stainless steel legs with graduated marks to make leveling easier.

Celestron 11" RASA Astrograph OTA Highlights

  • The 11" f/2.2 Celestron RASA unique Rowe-Ackermann optical design built with rare-earth glass for images free of false color, coma, and field curvature
  • This beautiful astrograph yields a 43.3 mm image circle when used with included camera adapters that maintains pinpoint stars to the far corners of even the largest astro-imaging sensors
  • The Celestron RASA includes a dual speed 10:1 Feather Touch Micro Focus Knob and custom-engineered linear brass bearings for precision focusing with minimal image shift.
  • A quiet, high-output 12V MagLev fan reduces cool down time and blocks dust.
  • The Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph includes common camera adapters (T-thread and M48) for easy attachment to popular CCD and DSLR cameras

More About the Celestron Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph 1100

Capturing impressive deep-sky astro-images is easier than ever with Celestron's Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph, the perfect companion to today's top DSLR or astronomical CCD cameras. This fast, wide-field f/2.2 system offers two huge advantages over traditional f/10 astrophotography: better apparent tracking and shorter exposures. That means you'll create better-looking astro-images in a fraction of the time, even without the use of an autoguider.

This wide field Schmidt Astrograph offers a full 43.3mm image circle to capture pinpoint stars on the largest imaging chips. Combine this large image circle with a focal length of just 620 mm and you have an instrument suitable for wide-field imaging, creating huge mosaics of the night sky, surveying, and even comet hunting.

The Celestron RASA, or Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph, features newly designed optics with 4-element rare-earth glass for images free of false color and aberrations like coma and field curvature. The optical quality and spot size across the entire image circle is unprecedented for an astrograph in this price range-or even that of a much more expensive instrument. The design also provides minimal vignetting.

Advanced features like a custom engineered linear brass focuser bearing and FeatherTouch 10:1 dual speed Micro Focus Knob allow you to make the fine adjustments you need to capture the perfect shot. Meanwhile, a12V MagLev fan reduces cool down time and provides optimal airflow through the dust filtered optical tube.

Engineered as a complete astro-imaging system, every component of the Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph is optimized for peak performance with DSLR and astronomical CCD cameras. Down to the thickness of the glass used in the included fully-multicoated optical window or an optional imaging filter, every component of the system has been taken into careful consideration to work together seamlessly.

Celestron 11” RASA Telescope Specifications

  • Optical Design: Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt
  • Aperture: 279 mm
  • Focal Length: 620 mm
  • Focal Ratio: f/2.22
  • Back focus from front lens assembly: 69.26 mm
  • Back focus from included camera adapters: 55 mm
  • Central obstruction diameter: 114 mm
  • Resolution (Rayleigh): 0.5 arc seconds
  • Resolution (Dawes): 0.41 arc seconds
  • Optical Tube Length: 33”
  • Light Gathering Power: 1588x
  • Optical Coatings: StarBright XLT
  • Weight of OTA: 43 lb.

For more information on the Celestron CGX Equatorial Mount, take a look at our Celestron CGX Mount Review, or watch a YouTube video in which Celestron product engineer, Bryan Cogdell, proudly goes over the highlights of the CGX Mount with High Point Scientific's Robert Dugan