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Astrophotography Deal - Celestron 11" RASA - $1,000 Off - Now Only $2595 - Limited Quantity On Hand

Celestron RASA Astrographs

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Celestron 11" RASA Astrograph on CGX Computerized Equatorial Mount

Celestron CGX 1100 RASA Computerized Telescope - 12059

SKU: CEL-12059
  • Optical Design: Rowe-Ackermann
  • Telescope Aperture: 279mm (10.98")
  • Focal Ratio: f/2.2
  • Telescope Mount Type: Equatorial
  • Type of Electronics: Computerized GoTo
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Celestron RASA F/2.2 Imaging Telescope


RASA is short for Rowe-Ackermann Schmidt Astrograph, a new optical configuration pioneered by Celestron. The Celestron RASA pushes the boundaries of traditional imaging telescopes with it's super fast F/2.2 optical design. Celestron spared no expense when designing and producing the RASA. Check out some of our favorite features below:


  • A 4 element optical design crafted with Rare Earth Glass delivers images free of false color, coma and field curvature.


  • Built for imaging, the Celestron RASA has a 70mm optimized imaging circle which ensures pinpoint stars at the edges of the largest camera sensors.


  • Celestron partnered with Starlight Instruments to include a state-of-art 10:1 FeatherTouch Micro Focuser with each RASA Optical Tube.


  • Celestron addresses the issue of image shift by custom engineering a linear brass focuser bearing for each RASA Optical tube.


  • The Celestron RASA has a built in, high-output, 12V MagLev Fan that significantly reduces cool down time and prevents dust from accumulating on the interior of the telescope.


Let the drooling begin! The Celestron RASA is a culmination of years of study, market research and design. Finally, there is a serious, large, optical design at an affordable price with a super fast f ratio and an optimized imaging circle to maximize the performance of cameras with the largest of sensors. We can't wait to see the pictures you will be able to capture with the Celestron RASA!

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