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The name Coronado has become synonymous with quality hydrogen alpha solar filters and solar telescopes. With the launch of the ground-breaking and affordable Coronado PST, or Personal Solar Telescope, thousands of people were introduced to the joy of observing the Sun in hydrogen-alpha. The PST Coronado Solar Telescope is now the most popular solar telescope in the world, and is still one of the best ways to jump into solar observing.

Coronado also manufactures larger h-alpha solar telescopes, called SolarMax II and the new SolarMax III. Through these special telescopes you will see an amazing amount of surface detail and prominences on the Sun in Ha light. The SolarMax II and III Coronado Solar Telescopes come with a RichView tuning assembly, a revolutionary patented system that accurately and easily tunes the primary filter etalon.

If you have a nighttime telescope you'd like to use for solar observing in Ha, choose one of the hydrogen-alpha solar filters from Coronado. Available in 40mm, 60mm, and 90mm apertures, the SolarMax II filter attaches to the front end of an astronomical telescope with the appropriate adapter, and with the addition of a blocking filter, allows safe and exciting views of the Sun.

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  • Coronado Coronado 2x 1.25" CEMAX H-Alpha Contrast Enhanced Barlow - BAR
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