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Coronado SME-40 40mm Double Stacking Etalon

Coronado SolarMax II 40 mm Double Stacking Etalon with RichView Tuning Filter - SME-40

  • Filtering Wavelength: H-Alpha
  • Aperture: 40 mm
  • Double-stack etalon is only for use with single-stack 40 mm SolarMax filters & telescopes.
  • Takes 0.7A single stack to 0.5A for more detail.
  • WARNING: DO NOT USE ALONE, for Double-Stacking only!
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Shop our selection of Coronado telescopes online! Coronado is one of the most reliable H-Alpha solar telescope producers in the market today. Our collection contains a variety of telescopes and accessories, from the impressive Coronado 70mm SolarMax III to enhanced eyepieces and filters. Find the perfect Coronado telescope for your astronomy needs at High Point Scientific!
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