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DayStar Canon Telephoto Lens to Classic Quark Adapter - DSZTCA

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DayStar Quark to Canon EOS Lens Adapter

The DayStar Quark Adapter for Canon Lenses attaches a DayStar-brand Quark (sold separately) to most Canon EOS lenses! This will allow you to use a Canon lens as an h-alpha telescope!

DayStar Canon Lens Quark Adapter Highlights

  • This Quark Adapter includes a Canon EOS bayonet mount for snap-lock mounting to a user-provided Canon lens
  • Remember, you'll need a DayStar Quark for your set-up, which is sold separately
  • Includes a reversible combination lens foot with 1/4-20 tripod holes and standard Vixen-style dovetail mount
  • Includes additional focal extender spacer rings to ensure compatibility with a wide variety of lenses.
  • Full disk viewing possible on lenses up to ~450mm focal length
  • Daystar recommends use of red, orange or yellow colored glass lens front filters such as Cokin, Hoya brand, etc or similar on lenses above 80mm in aperture
  • Focus and clearances not guaranteed for 100% of lenses.
  • Does not support auto-focus or electronic aperture control. No electronic pass-through.