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Explore Scientific Heavy Duty Twilight II Mount - MAZ-02P

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Explore Scientific Heavy Duty Twilight II Mount
with Pier Extension

Explore Scientific Twilight II Mount. A great compliment to any of the Explore Scientific Telescopes, the Twilight Mount comes well equipped.

  • The Explore Scientific Twilight II mount comes with a heavy duty tripod. The 2" tripod leg diameter of the Twilight II mount offers additional stability to this already rock solid alt az mount

  • The Explore Scientific Twilight Mount comes with a dual head set up so you can mount two telescopes at one time

  • The Explore Scientific Twilight is a smooth, easy to use mount that is great for point and shoot astronomy

  • Now includes the pier extension!
  • Twilight Mount is built to impress with its look and overall performance

Weight Capacity: Due to the unique set up of this dual head mount, the determination of its weight capacity can be done multiple ways. If you are only using one side of the dual head mount, the weight capacity of the mount is 25 lb. If you are running two telescopes and using both of the dual heads on the Explore Scientific Twilight Mount, you can mount 30 lb on each side. Please note, the tripod legs must be fully extended to achieve the weight capacity listed above.

Warranty Information:

Limited Warranty is one year, which converts to the Explore STAR Transferable Extended Life of the Product Warranty when product is registered on within 60 days of purchase.