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Explore Scientific iEXOS100 Mount on Medium Duty Tripod w/ Azimuth Adjuster Adapter & Polar Scope - ES-iEXOS100-ET

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Explore Scientific iEXOS100 Mount on Medium Duty Tripod w/ Azimuth Adjuster Adapter & Polar Scope

Explore Scientific's iEXOS-100 PMC-Eight Equatorial Tacker System uses GoTo technology and the German Equatorial mount design to give superior performance when used for visual observation or astrophotography. The PMC-Eight, also known as the Precision Motion Control system, helps to navigate through the night sky as amateur astronomers journey through the stars. The PMC-Eight system from Explore Scientific uses an 8-core microcontroller with eight CPUs, which operate independently of each other so they can focus on defined functions.

The body of the GEM mount comes with a built-in bubble level to help to stabilize the tripod and included glow-in-the-dark markers on several points of the mount and tripod to help with setup at night.

You can use the iEXOS-100 mount with the free ExploreStars App, which can be found on user supplied Windows, Android, Amazon, or Apple tablets, smartphones, or desktops. You can also use it with the free ASCOM Standards Compliant PMS-Eight ASCOM driver and the ASCOM POTH Client from Explore Scientific.

To the power the Explore Scientific's German Equatorial mount, users will need 8 "C" batteries (not included).

The mount weighs 9.45 lb and can support approximately 9 lb of equipment. When the two 2.2 lb counterweights are added, the mount can support 15 lb of photography equipment and 19 lb of visual equipment.

Included with the iEXOS-100 Mount

Included with this iEXOS-100 mount is an illuminated polar finder. This polar finder allows users to obtain a better alignment with the celestial pole. The finder uses a reticle with markings for both the northern and southern hemispheres. The illuminator comes with adjustable brightness.

Also included from Explore Scientific is an azimuth adjuster adapter. This adapter allows users to make fine azimuth adjustments. Using this adapter for the fine adjustments are great for achieving a precise alignment.

Users are also supplied with a camera dovetail plate so they can easily attach a camera to a standard astronomical tripod equipped with a Vixen-style saddle plate.

The Twilight Medium Duty Tripod

Explore Scientific's Twilight Medium Duty Tripod has adjustable stainless steel legs that measure 1.5" in diameter. These legs are secured with a die cast aluminum spreader tray and threaded T-Bar, making the tripod very stable and minimizes vibrations.