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Explore Scientific FirstLight 203mm Newtonian with EXOS2GT GoTo Mount - FL-N2031000EXOS2GT

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Explore Scientific FirstLight 203mm Newtonian

With EXOS2GT GoTo Mount

Explore Scientific's FirstLight 203mm comes packed with everything you need to track a wide range of celestial objects. Whether you prefer observing the Moon's desolate surface features or enjoy the hunt for deep-sky celestial objects, this scope will show you the skies like never before with unparalleled clarity and sharpness. Explore Scientific has included a 25mm eyepiece, diagonal, red dot finder, and even a smartphone adapter so you can capture photos and videos using your phone's camera.

The FirstLight 203mm Newtonian boasts impressive multi-coated optics that produce brighter images with enhanced contrast. Anti-reflection coatings prevent light loss and chromatic aberrations. Enjoy clear, stunning views of planets, the Moon, and even brighter deep-sky objects.

The included EXOS2GT German Equatorial mount is equipped with motors on both axes, allowing the mount to track astronomical objects accurately. The precision gears and dual bearings allow operation with a minimum of backlash on all nine slewing speeds.

A simple 1, 2 or 3 star alignment is necessary to orient the scope for tracking and finding objects. The convenient hand controller has GoTo function controls with 272,994 object database making this affordable mount accurate and reliable.

Astro-imaging is also simplified with the included smartphone adapter. This adapter allows you to capture images and videos in your telescope's eyepiece with just your smartphone's camera. This scope gives you not only spectacular views of nearby celestial objects but gives you an affordable option to get started in astrophotography.

Explore Scientific FirstLight 203mm Newtonian Specifications

  • Telescope Series: Explore FirstLight
  • Telescope Optical Design: Newtonian Reflector
  • Telescope Aperture: 8" (203mm)
  • Telescope Focal Ratio: f/4.9
  • Telescope Focal Length: 1000mm
  • Telescope Counterweights Included: 2-11lb Counterweights Included
  • Telescope Eyepiece(s) Included: Yes - 1 Eyepiece Included
  • Finder Included: Yes - Red Dot Finder Included
  • Focuser Size: 2.5"
  • Telescope Mount Type: Equatorial
  • Telescope Mount Weight Capacity: 28lb
  • Objects in Telescope Database: 272,994
  • Includes GPS Technology: Yes
  • Telescope Power Source: D Batteries
  • Telescope OTA Diameter: 8" (203mm)
  • Bonus Items in Package: 25mm eyepiece, Universal smartphone adapter
  • Telescope Warranty Period: One Year, Limited Warranty