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Farpoint Collimation Knob & Spring Upgrade Kit for 2008 and Newer Meade 12" LightBridge

Farpoint Collimation Knob & Spring Upgrade Kit for Meade 12" LightBridge - 2008 & Newer - FP322

  • This Farpoint kit is meant to replace the primary mirror collimation springs and collimation knobs on 2008 or newer Meade 12" LightBridge Dobsonian Telescopes.
  • The included knobs have a 1.5″ diameter.
  • The Farpoint knobs are machined from aluminum and anodized blue.
  • With the heavy duty Farpoint springs, you will not need the collimation locking screws.

Farpoint is now a member of the Optical Structures family of companies. Joining JMI, Lumicon, and others, Farpoint now has access to a full range of fine parts to create some of the best astronomy accessories available today. From dovetail plates to collimation tools, all Farpoint accessories are made in the USA from the highest quality materials. Farpoint’s focusing accessories are a favorite among astrophotographers. Farpoint accessories are also great for visual observers as well. Their Bahtinov masks and laser collimators are easy to use and perfect for imaging and visual astronomy.

A Bahtinov mask is a must-have for every astrophotographer. This mask attaches to the front of the scope’s objective lens to show the astronomer how to precisely focus their telescope. The Batinov mask consists of three separate grids that produce three angled diffraction spikes when the telescope is pointed at a bright star. As the focus changes, the spikes appear to move so the observer can determine they must increase or decrease focus.

Farpoint understands that collimation can be frustrating for new observers. Their line of unique red laser collimators works well with Newtonian telescopes. The red laser is dim so it will not damage your eyes and works well in dark settings. So if your telescope needs a quick adjustment before use, a laser collimator is an excellent choice to have with you. It is small enough to fit in your accessory bag and easy to use out in the field.

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