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High Point Scientific is proud to introduce the High Point line of Factory Direct Telescope Accessories. The objective behind the High Point telescope equipment line is to offer premium telescope accessories at competitive prices. Our telescope experts played a critical role in hand-selecting each premium accessory you will find in our line. The process was tedious, but in the end, we feel we have delivered a quality line of accessories for telescopes that our customers will appreciate. There are a lot of highlights to the High Point telescope accessory line, some of which include:

Dielectric Diagonals - The High Point Dielectric Diagonal Series is beautifully CNC Machined and comes equipped with brass compression rings. Available for Refractors and SCTs, this diagonal series of telescope equipment offers a ton of versatility. A 1/12th wave BK7 mirror comes standard with all Dielectric Diagonals by High Point, making it a significant upgrade to almost any telescope!

Eyepiece Kits - Simply stated, High Point Eyepiece Kits offer you everything you need to enhance the performance of your telescope. While many eyepiece kits offer a number of low quality items that detract from telescope performance, ours does not.

8x50 Right Angle Finder - Perhaps one of our most popular accessories for telescopes, the High Point 8x50 Right Angle Finder offers a way to comfortably locate celestial objects without breaking the bank!

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