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High Point Multi-Reticle Red Dot Finder - HPS-MRF


High Point Red Dot Multi-Reticle Finder

  • The Zero Power Red Dot Finder from High Point is constructed of rugged anodized aluminum and coated with a durable finish

  • Four different illuminated reticle patterns are built in to the High Point Red Dot Finder, to allow for easy targeting of your favorite celestial object

  • Reticle patterns include a dot, crosshair, dot with cross hair, and a circle with center dot

  • Includes dovetail stalk and standard 5/8" dovetail base

  • A brightness adjuster is built into this Red Dot Finder for maximum eye comfort under the night sky

  • Light weight, this red dot multiple reticle finder weighs less than 12 grams

The Red Dot Finder with multiple illuminator selector from High Point is a major upgrade from the basic plastic red dot finder that comes with most telescopes. Our finder is made of anodized aluminum and coated for extra durability. The Red Dot Finder from High Point offers a multiple reticle selector that includes a red dot, cross hair, red dot with cross hair, and a circle with center dot. An adjustable illuminator allows the user to fully customize their red dot finder settings for maximum comfort.

At only 12 grams this red dot finder adds very little weight to your telescope and at only 82 mm in length, it doesn't take up very much room either. Our red dot finder is easy to use while hunting for celestial and terrestrial objects. It is also great for target shooting! This finder has multiple uses, and with a durable build it is sure to make everyone happy.