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Hotech AstroAimer Generation 2 Green Laser Pointer - HTGL-G2

  • Beam or Lens Color: Green
  • Illumination Type: Class 3A Laser
AstroAimer on Optional Tripod

Hotech AstroAimer Generation 3 Green Laser Pointer - Waterproof - HTGL-G3

  • Beam or Lens Color: Green
  • Illumination Type: Class 3A Laser

Hotech has established themselves as a leader in optoelectric technology. In other words, Hotech designs many of the top performing laser technology in the industry. This includes laser collimators, laser pointers, and much more. Their products offer a superior edge above their competitors because of their commitment to crafting innovative and proprietary technologies. Essentially, when you buy Hotech products, rest assured you are receiving next-generation technology at an affordable price.

Hotech knows that collimation may be cumbersome for amateur astronomers. That is why they have designed their line of laser collimators to be straightforward and easy to use. These collimators are unique for their precision-machined, compact design and fine-projecting laser dot. This gives you high accuracy laser alignment every time you collimate. So if your telescope needs a quick adjustment before use, a laser collimator is an excellent choice to have with you. It is small enough to fit in your accessory bag and easy to use out in the field.

Laser pointers are much handier than you would think when observing. Not only are they crucial for pointing out celestial objects, but they can also be used at star parties and large gatherings to trace the exact position of stars, planets, constellations, or anything else that is visible to the naked eye. Hotech’s laser pointers offer unparalleled brightness so you can easily see what exactly you are pointing at. Many of their laser pointers are housed in a waterproof barrel so there’s no need to worry about dew. You can even mount them on a telescope like a finder so you can precisely aim your telescope.

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