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iOptron Photron 150 RC Telescope Package with CEM25P Mount & Tripod - 12150

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SKU: IOP-12150

iOptron 6" Photron RC Telescope
with CEM25P Equatorial Mount & LiteRoc Tripod

Built to aid astrophotographers in capturing the data needed to produce notably sharp images from edge to edge, this iOptron Photron 150 is packaged with a CEM25P Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount, durable 1.75" tripod, and 2" dual-speed linear-bearing electric Crayford focuser that is ASCOM compliant for disturbance free performance. Photron RC telescopes feature low expansion quartz mirrors with 99% reflective dielectric coatings and a fully baffled internal steel optical tube. "Flex-free" solid extension via three included extension rings eliminated any unnecessary back focus.

About the iOptron 6" Ritchey-Chretien Telescope OTA

This iOptron Photron™ 6" telescope features a Ritchey-Chretien optical design that boasts primary and secondary mirrors with low thermal expansion quartz and 99% reflective dielectric coatings. This design enables coma free as well as spherical and chromatic aberration free results, making it optimally fit for both color and monochrome imaging. The primary mirror is fixed to prevent the image shift encountered with other telescope designs. This Photron RC6 comes with 2" dual-speed Crayford focuser and three focuser extension rings to allow "flex-free" solid extension as a way to eat up any unnecessary back focus. Equipped with an internal multiple knife-edge baffle system, the Photron RC6's steel optical tube enhances contrast by reducing stray light, improving the instrument for use both visually and photographically. A Vixen-style dovetail plate is included with the RC6 model.

  • Optics are void of coma, chromatic aberration, and spherical aberration
  • 6" (150 mm) optical aperture
  • 1370 mm focal length
  • f/9 focal ratio
  • Fixed primary mirror
  • Low thermal expansion quartz mirrors
  • Multiple knife-edge internal baffles
  • Dual-speed Crayford focuser
  • Finderscope base and Vixen-style mounting plate

About the iOptron CEM25P Equatorial Mount & Tripod

The iOptron CEM25P mount now comes with the 1.75" LiteRoc tripod. This lightweight tripod comes complete with a 1.75" upper leg diameter and a 1.5" lower leg diameter. This design makes this tripod light, yet sturdier than the 2" tripod. Additionally, the tripod has redesigned leg cuffs and sockets for better rigidity.

All of the most popular features of the CEM25 are retained with the new CEM25P, but with the added bonus of a guaranteed low periodic error of nearly +/- 10 arc seconds or lower. A stricter production process for the R.A. gear enables this improved tracking precision. Furthermore, the CEM25P has bigger gear switches on both axes, providing easier access and adjustment, a helpful convenience for those wearing light gloves.

This smooth, exceptionally quiet CEM (Center Balanced Equatorial) Mount weighs under 11 lbs., and uses GOTO power at 60% less than other mounts in its category.

The "Z" design places the payload burden at the center of gravity for enhanced natural stability. Taking its load capacity into consideration, the "Z" designed CEM25P is especially light, a welcome benefit for remote set up. The CEM25P Equatorial Mount also has a modifiable counterweight bar to avoid obstructing the tripod. And because the polar scope is not blocked by the declination shaft, polar alignment is reliably fast and accessible.

GoTo Technology

The most up-to-date advanced GOTONOVA® GOTO technology makes the CEM25P one of the most powerful and accurate GOTO mounts available. Includes a user-friendly Go2Nova® Hand Controller that contains a 150,000+ object database and a large four line LCD screen to facilitate setting the telescope and finding the desired celestial object.

  • Newly designed Center-Balanced Equatorial Mount enables greater payloads with minimum mount only weight
  • Made to be the optimal astrophotography mount for both entry-level and intermediate users
  • Periodic error under +/- 10 arc seconds
  • Payload capacity of 27 lbs. (12.3 kg) despite a mount-only weight of just 10.4 lbs. (4.7 kg)
  • Loading force on spring loaded gear system is user adjustable
  • Gear switches on the R.A. as well as DEC axis allows effortless balancing when detached
  • Counterweight shaft is modifiable for 0º latitude operation
  • Stepper motor uses very little power
  • New electronics and control adapter equivalent to those on the CEM60
  • iOptron AccuAlign™ calibrated polar scope with dark field illumination and easy polar alignment operation
  • Regular polar alignment for those who cannot see the Pole Star
  • Go2Nova® 8408 controller features the latest GOTONOVA® GOTO technology
  • ST-4 autoguiding port is built-in
  • Integrates 32-channel GPS (Global Positioning System)
  • Serial port enables firmware upgrades and computer control
  • Spring loaded Vixen "V" style dovetail saddle
  • Comes with a LiteRoc tripod weighing with a 1.75" upper leg diameter and 1.5" lower leg diameter