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Green Monday - Loads Of Telescope Deals!


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iOptron R.A. Worm Upgrade Kit for iEQ45 Mounts - 8090

SKU: IOP-8090
  • This iOptron R.A. Work Upgrade kit is made for the iOptron iEQ45 mounts.
  • Included in the kit is a high precision RA worm, two ball bearings, a pulley, and end cap, a PE encoder wheel, a washer, and a screw.
  • Each item of the kit is expertly CNC machined.
  • This iOptron upgrade is meant to replace the stock worm gear in the iEQ45 mount.
iOptron AZ Mount Pro Altitude Lock Levers

iOptron AZ Mount Pro Altitude Lock Lever Set - 8954

SKU: IOP-8954
  • This altitude lock lever set is made to work with the iOptron AZ Mount Pro.
  • The levers thread on to the AZ Pro mount altitude lock.
  • iOptron's levers are a metallic silver.
  • The purpose of the lever set is to tighten the AZ Mount Pro altitude lock.
iOptron Star Knob Set

iOptron Star Knobs for AZ Mount Pro & MiniTower Mounts - Set of 3 - 8340

SKU: IOP-8340
  • This iOptron star knobs set is made to work with iOptron MiniTower, MiniTower II, MiniTower Pro and AZ Mount Pro mounts.
  • The set includes three star knobs.
  • iOptron has designed the knobs to be black in color with a metal thread.
  • The purpose of the star knobs are for level adjustments.