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iOptron 108 mm Versa ED APO Refractor Telescope with AZ Mount Pro - 14010

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SKU: IOP-14010

iOptron Versa 108 ED APO Refractor w/AZ Mount Pro

With fully multi-coated optics and interior knife-edge baffles, this comparatively fast iOptron 108 mm f/6 air-spaced apochromatic doublet refractor telescope offers sharp, high contrast images with breathtaking clarity and color correction, meeting the standards of what one would expect from such a high class refractor.

iOptron has adopted the term "level and go" to describe their AZ Mount Pro's simple set up routing. Thanks to an inherent precision level indicator, all the user has to do is level the mount, turn on the power, and this highly capable computerized alt-azimuth telescope mount is good to go. The AZ Mount Pro is able to calculate both its global position and telescope orientation via an on-board 32-channel GPS receiver and built-in position and angular detection sensors. Offers automatic slewing to any bright and easily detectable celestial object so that in order to initiate tracking and GoTo performance, all the operator has to do is verify that an object is in the center of the view.