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iOptron 2" Field Flattener for f/5 - f/7 Refractors - TFF

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What We Like About the iOptron 2" Field Flattener

  • This 2" field flattener can be used with refractors with focal ratios of f/5 to f/7, and will produce images that are sharply focused across the entire field of view.

  • The two-element design is made of Ohara S-BLS7 glass, and is fully multi-coated.

  • The iOptron 2" Field Flattener is machined of aluminum and has an anodized gloss finish for durability and beauty.

  • Accepts most 35mm cameras via the built-in T-ring thread.

More About the iOptron 2" Field Flattener

The iOptron field flattener reduces the normal field curvature inherent in all refractors to provide you with images that are sharply focused out to the very corners of your 35mm or large format CCD imager frame. Stars look sharp and point-like all the way across the field.

This 2" iOptron field flattener is designed for iOptron’s Versa 108 ED refractor, but is also compatible with f/5 to f/7 refractors.