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iOptron CEM40 Center Balance Equatorial Mount with Hard Case and 1.5" Tripod - 7400A-HC

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iOptron CEM40 Center Balance Equatorial Mount with Hard Case and 1.5" Tripod

The CEM40 is a medium weight equatorial GoTo mount with a weight capacity of 40 pounds. It includes innovative features like iPolar, an integrated electronic polar finder that will make alignment super easy, a Universal Self-Centering Saddle that accepts both Losmandy and Vixen-style dovetail plates, GPS, an internal cable management system, and more!

Traditional equatorial mounts are great for both visual astronomy and astrophotography, but users have had to grapple with the fact that the design, where the position of the telescope is offset from the center of the tripod, causes torque that effects the mount's overall stability. The iOptron CEM, or Center Balance Equatorial Mount, put the mount's balance point directly over the center of the tripod, resulting in better stability! It also allows for better weight capacity to mount weight ratio. This iOptron mount design is one of the reasons why the CEM40 mount head can weigh just 15.8 pounds but carry up to 40 pounds!

Features of the iOptron CEM40 Equatorial Mount

  • The CEM40 is CNC machined and anodized for precision and beauty
  • An integrated electronic polar finder is included with the CEM40 and tripod system, making short work of polar alignment
  • The quick-lock gear clutch drive engagement system has large levers for easy adjustment even when wearing gloves
  • An internal cable management system keeps wires and cables neatly inside the mount to keep snags to a minimum
  • A Universal Self-Centering Saddle (USCS) places your mount's dovetail, either Losmandy or Vixen style, right where it should be.
  • The CEM40 includes low power consumption stepper motors with 0.08 arc seconds of resolution
  • A built-in 32-channel GPS quickly and easily locates your mount's position
  • GoTo capabilities are facilitated by the iOptron GoTo Nova 8407+ hand controller, which, among other things, has a built-in heater and a whopping 359,000 object library with star identification
  • PPEC, or Permanent Periodic Error Correction, allows you to train your mount for heightened accuracy
  • An ST-4 Guide Port is included and you can add an optional external WiFi Adapter for wireless control via your Smartphone or tablet

iOptron CEM40 Specifications

  • Mount: Center Balanced Equatorial
  • Maximum Payload: 40 pounds (18 kg), excluding counterweight
  • Mount Weight: 15.8 lb. (7.2 kg)
  • Payload to Mount Weight Ratio: 2.5
  • Material: All metal, CNC machined
  • Exterior Finish: Anodized red and black
  • Latitude Range: 0-60 degrees (optional shaft for <10 degrees available)
  • Azimuth Range: +/- 6 degrees
  • Tracking Accuracy: < +/- 7 arcseconds, measured with encoder at 400 seconds
  • Period: 400 seconds
  • Worm Diameter: 17mm, Brass
  • RA Worm Wheel: 110mm, 216 teeth, zero backlash
  • Dec Worm Wheel: 110mm, 216 teeth, zero backlash
  • RA Axis Shaft: 45mm steel
  • Dec Axis Shaft: 45mm steel
  • RA Bearings: 68mm
  • Dec Bearings: 68mm
  • Counterweight Shaft: 20mm Diameter by 410mm
  • Mount Base Diameter: 125mm
  • Motor: Precision stepper motor, 1.8 degrees/128 micro-step
  • Motor Resolution: 0.08 arctic (200 PPS)
  • Hand Controller: Go2Nova 8407+, with an 8 line, 21 character LCD screen
  • Star Database: 359,000+ with star identification
  • Power: 12V DC, 5A
  • Power Consumption: 0.6A when tracking, 0.9A during GoTo
  • Polar Scope: Internal iPolar electronic polar scope
  • Meridian Treatment: Stop (0-10 degrees pass)m, flip
  • Zero Position: Automatic zero search
  • Dovetail Saddle: iOptron Universal Saddle, 5"
  • Max Slew Speed: 4.5 degrees per second (1080X)
  • Guiding Port: ST-4
  • Communication Port: USB
  • GPS: Yes
  • WiFi: External, available separately
  • Cable Management: DC12V (3A), ST4, USB
  • Tripod: 1.5"
  • Hard Case: Yes