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iOptron Star Knob Set

iOptron Star Knobs for AZ Mount Pro & MiniTower Mounts - Set of 3 - 8340

SKU: IOP-8340
  • This iOptron star knobs set is made to work with iOptron MiniTower, MiniTower II, MiniTower Pro and AZ Mount Pro mounts.
  • The set includes three star knobs.
  • iOptron has designed the knobs to be black in color with a metal thread.
  • The purpose of the star knobs are for level adjustments.
iOptron Star Knob Set with Center Post
iOptron AZ Mount Pro Altitude Lock Levers

iOptron AZ Mount Pro Altitude Lock Lever Set - 8954

SKU: IOP-8954
  • This altitude lock lever set is made to work with the iOptron AZ Mount Pro.
  • The levers thread on to the AZ Pro mount altitude lock.
  • iOptron's levers are a metallic silver.
  • The purpose of the lever set is to tighten the AZ Mount Pro altitude lock.
iOptron IEQ45 AZ Base

iOptron IEQ45 AZ Base - 8050

SKU: IOP-8050
  • This iOptron AZ Base converts the iEQ45 from an equatorial mount to an alt-azimuth mount.
  • Attaches to an iEQ45 tripod or pier.
  • Compatible with later versions of the iEQ45 that do not come with an 8406 hand controller.
  • Works with 8000D/DP, 8000AZ, and 8000E iEQ45 models only.