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JMI Motofocus for Celestron C11 and C14 - MFCPC11


JMI Motofocus Kit for Celestron C11 & C14

The JMI MotoFocus package includes a friction-driven push-on motor that conveniently attaches to the Celestron C11 or C14 focus knob shaft, as well as a hand controller with various speeds for controlling the motor to enable electronic telescope focus.

After JMI MotoFocus is installed, and you've had time to get used to the controls, you will be able to make incremental focus changes much smaller than those made manually. An additional advantage of electronic focusing is the ability to focus without physically touching the focus knob. This reduces vibration for a stable image, a perk that is especially apparent when astro-imaging.

The hand controller included with the JMI MotoFocus is operated by a single 9-Volt battery, and features electronic braking and variable speed control.

Telescopes compatible with this JMI MotoFocus Kit include:

  • C11
  • CG-11
  • CM-1100
  • Ultima 11
  • C14
  • CG-14
  • CM-1400
  • CM-1400GT