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Konus The Wonderful Structure of a Vegetable Cell Slide Set - 4886

SKU: KON-4886

One of Konus's most popular slide sets the Wonderful Structure of Vegtable Cells is a set of 10 slides. This great educational resource identifies the variations in common vegtable and plant cell types. Below you will find the slides associated with this set.

  • Cells with crystals from cactus t.s.

  • Edelberry, Sambucus stem t.s.

  • Mullein, Verbascum brached leaf hairs.

  • Glandular cells in rosemary leaf t.s.

  • Sunflower leaf with hairs t.s.

  • Water lily Nymphaea stem, stellate hairs.

  • Dead nettle Lamium stem t.s.

  • Potato, Solanum tuber t.s.

  • Pollen grains, mixed species.

  • Isolated vessels from plant stem.