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Losmandy Astronomical Products, located in Hollywood, California, began in 1986 when Scott Losmandy was challenged by his fellow amateur astronomers to "build a better mount". Up until that point, most equatorial mounts available to amateur astronomers were either basic and fairly inexpensive (Japan) or expensive yet electronically unsophisticated (US). Losmandy thought he could do better, and Losmandy Astronomical Products, a subsidiary of Hollywood General Machining, was born.

Today, Losmandy mounts and accessories are some of the most highly respected in the world. The GM-8 and G-11 Losmandy mounts are so popular, we are sure you will find at least one at any star party you might choose to attend. Their biggest mount is the Losmandy Titan. It is capable of supporting 175 lb., which makes the Titan a great choice for a home observatory.

Losmandy does more than make equatorial mounts, however. They also machine a dizzying selection of dovetail plates, guidescope and telescope rings, adapter plates, and counterweight systems. Their machined dovetail plates have become the standard in the industry, and are so popular that even if a dovetail plate is not made by Losmandy, it is still called "Losmandy-style".

Losmandy's innovation and fine machining of equatorial mounts and accessories has allowed astrophotographers to produce great results for years. High Point is honored to offer the full line of Losmandy accessories and mounts, because when it come to quality, Losmandy never disppoints.

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  • Losmandy Mount Case Set for GM8, G11, or GM811 RA and Dec Components
    Losmandy Losmandy Mount Case Set for GM8, G11 & GM811 - MCS
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  • Losmandy Hard Case for Folding HD Tripod
    Losmandy Losmandy Folding HD Tripod Case - FHD-CASE
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  • Losmandy LW Tripod Case with Wheels
    Losmandy Losmandy LW Tripod Case - LWTRIPOD-CASE
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