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Losmandy 14" Male-to-Male Dovetail Plate - DMM14


Losmandy Male to Male Dovetail Plate - 14"

The Losmandy Male to Male Dovetail Plate lets you put secondary equipment on an equatorial mount or on a Losmandy DSBS or DVSBS side by side dovetail plate.

Since both sides of the DMM14 are machined with D-series dovetails, you can slide one side onto the Losmandy G11 (or other equatorial mount that accepts D-series dovetails, such as the Celestron CGE Pro) or the Side-by-Side, and the other side will still be available to accept any D-sized accessories.

Losmandy Male-to-Male Dovetail Plate Specifications:

  • Precision machined from aluminum and black anodized

  • Length: 14"

  • Width: 4" (D Series)

  • Weight: 1.75 lb

  • Thickness: 0.75"