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Losmandy FHD Tripod/Pier Adapter for Large Meade Field Tripod - MAL


Losmandy Tripod/Pier Adapter (Titan, HGM 200) To Meade Large Field Tripod or Pier

This 7.0" diameter x 4.0" high adapter lets you mount a Losmandy HGM Titan, HGM 200 or GM 200 Equatorial Head on a Meade large field tripod or permanent pier. The machined aluminum adapter is finished in flat black. The inside top of the adapter is machined to accept a Titan or HGM 200 Equatorial Head with no binding.

The adapter has a 0.5" thick bottom plate for strength and vibration damping. A 1/2" hole is drilled in the bottom center of the adapter, as is the hole pattern to mount a Large Meade Field Tripod. The MAL adapter can also be used on top of permanent piers. Posts for the electronics are mounted on the side of the MAL.