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Lumicon 80mm Finder Scope Quick Release Bracket - LS1040

Lumicon 80mm Finder Scope Quick Release Bracket - LS1040

  • Type of Mounting Hardware: Mount Adapters, Stalks & Accessories

Lumicon has joined the Optical Structures Inc. family of astronomy brands! This partnership allows Lumicon to bring you quality astronomical telescope accessories at the lowest prices possible. Lumicon filters, in particular, have been widely praised by visual astronomers and astrophotographers alike. Eyepiece filters are an invaluable astronomical telescope accessory in lunar and planetary observing. They reduce glare and light scattering, increase contrast through selective filtration, increase definition and resolution, reduce irradiation and lessen eye fatigue. Different filters will act differently, highlighting a rainbow of wavelengths to enhance a variety of features in the night sky.

Lumicon understands the needs of budding deep-space visual observers. Their filters are commonly used by astronomers exploring deep-space objects. The Lumicon Deep Sky Filter is an excellent starting point for anyone interested in observing nebulae. The filter has been enhanced to increase contrast even under light polluted skies, transmitting the visible wavelength spectrum without pesky artificial and natural light pollution.

If you would like to get serious about deep-sky observations, you will more specific filters that only allow a fraction of the wavelength spectrum to pass through. A prime example would be an Ultra-High Contrast (UHC) filter. A UHC filter is designed specifically for observing large emission nebulae, such as the Lagoon or Swan Nebulae. Many of the Messier objects are enhanced because the filter passes the 496 and 501 oxygen lines as well as the H-Beta line.

We have a wide range of Lumicon filters and finders available to help you capture exceptional night sky images. Their Hydrogen-Alpha filters are optimized for monochrome astrophotography. The long-pass filter is ideal for imaging deep-sky objects that appear bright in the infrared wavelength, such as emission nebulae. They are also used to combat heavy light pollution. Be sure to check out the full line of Lumicon filters and finders to find the one perfect for your needs. Contact High Point Scientific today if you have any questions about Lumicon astronomical telescope accessories.

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