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Lunt Solar 1.25" Polarizing Filter for 1.25" Solar Wedge - PF1.25


Lunt Solar 1.25" Polarizing Filter

This Lunt Solar special 1.25" Polarizing Filter will help you control the brightness of the solar image when you are using a Lunt White Light Wedge for visual work. Often, you will find that using this polarizing filter to reduce the overall brightness of the image will provide a better viewing experience and allow you to pick out more details. The 1.25" Polarizing Filter from Lunt Solar can make your viewing more comfortable and more productive.

Caution: Must be used with the Lunt 1.25" White Light Wedge product! To use it, screw the filter into the barrel of your eyepiece, and then adjust the brightness of the scene by rotating the protruding part, until the view is comfortable.