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Lunt Solar Systems

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Lunt Solar Dovetail Bar 12" (300 mm) - LS300PS

  • Type of Mounting Hardware: Dovetails Only
  • Dovetail or Attachment Type: V-Series (Vixen)
  • Dovetail, Saddle or Mount Adapter Length: 12"

Lunt Solar Systems has become a leader in the solar astronomy industry. With nearly 20 years of experience, Andy Lunt began his own solar equipment company to fill the niche for research-grade solar products. He sought to make such incredible products accessible to the hobbyist, and Lunt Solar has done just that. All Lunt solar telescopes and Lunt solar filters are proudly made in the USA with many mechanical parts made in-house. These practices help keep costs down for customers and ensure each product is tested with the highest quality standards in the industry.

Lunt Solar offers a full range of solar viewing accessories to suit your needs. Whether you are a seasoned solar astronomer or would like to observe your first solar eclipse, Lunt has what you need to enjoy solar astronomy. Lunt solar telescopes give you a safe viewing experience without compromising your view of the Sun. Their Hydrogen-Alpha refractors feature premium optics with a narrow band filter system. Because the H-Alpha filter only allows a fraction of the visible wavelength to pass through the solar telescope, you are able to enjoy views of our star all day long.

We also carry solar-specific accessories, such as Lunt solar filters, eyepieces, and diagonals. It is important to always use optics designed for solar astronomy when observing or imaging the Sun. Before viewing, always inspect your solar equipment and do not use if there are any scratches or damages on the optics. When using a Lunt solar telescope, look into the scope while it is pointed away from the Sun. Then, while your eye is in the eyepiece, slowly point the solar telescope towards the Sun. Once the scope is focused properly, close your eyes before taking your eye out of the eyepiece and close your eyes before placing your eye in the eyepiece. If you have any questions about Lunt solar filters or telescopes, contact High Point Scientific today!

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