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Telescope Brands

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Sky Engineering Sky Commander XP4 Computer

Sky Engineering Sky Commander XP4 Computer with Flash Cable & Manual - CMP-XP-4000

  • Gain access to more than 30,000 celestial objects while boosting your telescope's performance with this Sky Commander XP4 Computer.
  • Suitable for use in conjunction with a PC or individually.
  • Flash programming cable included for upgrading the Sky Commander XP4 using Flash memory.
  • With encoder "Fast-Tracking," even if the telescope is abruptly moved, extremely high resolution encoder counts up to 24576 will not be reduced.
  • Enclosure construction consists of ABS plastic with a conveniently accessible battery compartment for quick and easy battery exchange.

High Point Scientific carries the most popular telescope brands among astronomy enthusiasts, including Celestron, Baader Planetarium, Orion, and many more. We also design our own astronomy products under the High Point brand, to give you the best selection of products at the price you’re looking for.

We work directly with manufacturers to give you a wide selection of products from many other brands like Meade, TeleVue, Explore Scientific, Coronado, and iOptron. While we have dedicated many hours researching what telescope brands you - our customers - are looking for, we encourage you to explore up and coming brands on our website such as William Optics, Pentax, SkyWatcher, and Stellarvue.

High Point Scientific offers many of the latest brands to choose from for telescope accessories. Just a few of these brands include AstroZap, ADM Accessories, Losmandy, Takahashi, and JMI. It’s important to make sure you have the correct accessories for your aspirations and budget and our experts are here to make sure you find them.

Astro-imaging is a growing industry, not just for photographers, but for astronomy hobbyists as well. With so many quality, affordable products, it’s easy to see why! Brands like QSI, ZWO, and QHY have designed some of the best astrophotography cameras in the industry, and we have them right here at High Point!

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