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Meade LX90 Wedge Adapter Plate - 07389

SKU: MEA-07389
  • Meade Adapter Plate for attaching LX90 model telescopes to Meade Equatorial Wedges.
  • Facilitates precise polar alignment for astro-imaging.
  • Makes the standard three hole mounting pattern found on Meade wedges compatible with the single central mounting bolt all LX90 telescopes require.
  • Supplies all LX90 sizes with the rigid stability necessary for mounting to any Meade Equatorial Wedge.
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Meade Standard Equatorial Wedge For 7" & 8" Telescopes - 07002

SKU: MEA-07002
  • This Meade Standard Equatorial Wedge enables long-exposure astrophotography with 7” Mak-Cass as well as 8” SCT and ACF telescopes by allowing alt-azimuth style field rotation in equatorial mode.
  • Conforms to the area between the telescope and standard field tripod.
  • User-friendly knobs allow adjustments for both setting latitude angle and for accurate polar alignment.
  • Boasting sturdy construction, the Meade Standard Equatorial Wedge provides a solid foundation for astrophotography applications with 7" and 8" telescopes.

Meade X Wedge Equatorial Wedge - 07028

SKU: MEA-07028
  • This Meade X-Wedge Equatorial Wedge facilitates extended astro-imaging exposures longer than about 5 minutes using Meade LX200 and LX600 Schmidt-Cassegrain and ACF telescope models.
  • Fits between the telescope and the tripod to allow equatorial-style mounts to be tilted to correspond with the observer's latitude for precise polar alignment for your telescope.
  • The Meade X-Wedge is an exceptionallly heavy-duty wedge that provides mounting with excellent vibration damping that is both secure and stable.
  • Made from ultra-rigid precision CNC-machined aircraft grade aluminum with smooth and accurate adjustments for altitude and azimuth.
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