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Orion 6 mm LHD 80º Lanthanum Ultra Wide Eyepiece - 1.25" - 51043

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SKU: ORI-51043

Orion 6 mm LHD 80º Lanthanum Ultra Wide Eyepiece

  • This 6 mm focal length telescope eyepiece is fully multi-coated with 8-element optics to present users with true color night sky views.
  • High-index, low-dispersion lanthanum glass is features on all Orion LHD eyepieces to remove chromatic aberrations for views that are strikingly clear.
  • For an amazingly immersive observing experience, Orion LHD eyepieces boast an incredibly large 80º apparent field of view.
  • Observers with eyeglasses will appreciate the long 20 mm of eye relief and large 30 mm diameter eye lens provided by the Orion 6 mm LHD eyepiece which allows them to enjoy the view comfortably without having to take their glasses off.
  • 1.25" tapered barrel is threaded for 1.25" eyepiece filter usage.

An ultra-wide 80º field of view and true-color lanthanum optics allow this Orion 6 mm LHD eyepiece to display impressive views of the cosmos.

All Orion LHD eyepieces, including this 6 mm model, feature a lanthanum glass element to abolish color-fringing and chromatic aberrations, resulting in supreme true-color night sky views with extreme sharpness. A bountiful 80 degree apparent field of view enables a close to panoramic viewing experience that must be seen with your own eyes to fully comprehend. From the Moon and planets to more elusive deep sky wonders, this fully multi-coated 6 mm LHD Ultra-Wide Eyepiece provides strikingly immersive views of them all.

Orion LHD 80º Lanthanum Ultra Wide Eyepieces have been designed with the comfort of the end viewer in mind. With a long eye relief of 20 mm and a large lens diameter of 30 mm, users can enjoy a comfortable viewing experience with no eye strain, taking in the full 80º field of view with or without eyeglasses.

In order to maintain placement in focusers and diagonals if a set screw happens to loosen a little bit during use, the 6 mm LHD has a tapered eyepiece barrel. The 1.25" barrel of this eyepiece is also threaded for use with compatible 1.25" eyepiece filters from Orion.