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Orion SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter for Computerized GoTo Telescopes - 07961

SKU: ORI-07961

Orion SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter for GoTo Telescopes

  • Facilitating wireless control of Orion GoTo telescopes and mounts via both iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, this Orion Wi-Fi Adapter replaces the SynScan hand controller.
  • Control your telescope with your smart device using the free SynScan Pro app interface.
  • Using one of two included cables, this SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter plugs into your mount's hand controller port.
  • An internet connection in the field is not necessary as this adapter creates its own Wi-Fi network.
  • The SynScan Pro app features user-friendly touchscreen menus for easily locating objects, as well as advanced operations such as PEC, auto home, polar alignment, camera control, and meridian flip.

Now any Orion GoTo telescope or mount that operates using the SynScan handset can be controlled wirelessly via your iOS or Android smartphone or tablet instead! All you need is the free app and the Orion SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter.

Plug this thumb-sized SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter to your mount's hand controller port using one of two included short cables. The SynScan Pro app, free to download from both the App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android, enables control of your Orion GoTo telescope and mount via your smart device! After you've downloaded the app, simply join the SynScan Wi-Fi network on your phone or tablet and tap "Connect" on the opening screen.

The SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter creates its own Wi-Fi network, so you don't need internet access or Wi-Fi hotspots to use it in the field. The SynScan Pro app's user-friendly touchscreen menus are neatly organized and offer easy navigation. Futhermore, the current time and location are synced from your phone, making star alignment faster. Once alignment has been achieved, simply choose an object from one of the menus, tap the "Go To" button, and the telescope will slew to the object.

Advanced operations such as periodic error correction (PEC), auto home, polar alignment, camera control, meridian flipping, and more are also easily accessible via the SynScan Pro app.

The SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter is compatible with all Orion GoTo mounts and GoTo telescopes, including:

  • StarSeeker
  • SkyQuest GoTo Dobsonians
  • SkyView Pro GoTo
  • Sirius and Atlas EQ-G
  • Sirius Pro and Atlas Pro AZ/EQ-G
  • HDX110 EQ-G

The SynScan Pro app merely replaces the SynScan hand controller and is not a planetarium program!

Once you try the Orion SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter for wireless telescope control via your smartphone or tablet, you'll never go back to the "old tech" cabled hand controller. So get with the times and get your SynScan Wi-Fi Adapter today!