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Orion 10x50 UltraView Wide-Angle Binoculars - 09351

SKU: ORI-09351

Orion 10x50 UltraView Wide Angle Binoculars

  • UltraView 10x power binoculars with 6.5º field of view and long 22 mm eye relief for comfortable viewing even for observers wearing glasses.
  • 50 mm objective lenses, fully multi-coated optics, and BAK-4 prisms provide optimal light throughput and ideal image quality of celestial as well as terrestrial objects.
  • Impressive ultra long 22 mm eye relief and twist-lock eyecups allow those who wear corrective lenses to leave their glasses on and experience the full field of view.
  • Binocular body is made of a sturdy cast-metal alloy to withstand field use, with rubber armor to ensure a secure grip.
  • These binoculars come with a soft carry case, deluxe wide neck strap, and lens caps.

Eyeglass wearers are well-familiar with the frustration of trying to use binoculars. You have to hold your glasses in on hand while holding the binoculars up to your eyes with the other, keeping the binoculars as steady as possible. Then, to examine the scene again with only your eyes, you have to lower the binoculars and replace your eyeglasses. This can get annoying fairly quickly. You may have tried keeping your glasses on, but that reduces the field of view so much it's like looking through a keyhole. And without your glasses, everything in the distance becomes too fuzzy.

These Orion UltraView 10x50 Wide Angle Binoculars are the solution. They are the ultimate eyeglass-friendly binoculars! The entire field of view can be seen even with glasses on due to an luxurious extra long 22 mm of eye relief by simply retracting the twist-lock rubber eyecups.

Orion's UltraView Binoculars also provide superior optical quality. Constructed by Japan's largest manufacturer of high quality optics exclusively for Orion. UltraView Binoculars boast the finest BAK-4 glass prisms, and lenses that are finely ground and polished to precise specifications. Full multi-coatings on all lens and prism air-to-glass surfaces produce significantly higher light transmission than what can be achieved with most other binoculars that use standard coatings. Images feature pure colors and are razor-sharp all the way to the edges. A large center focus wheel enables quick focus adjustments.

Compared with standard 10x powered binoculars, these Orion 10x50 UltraViews have a substantially wider field of view (6.5º). They are most proficient when employed for high power astronomy, long-distance nature viewing, and hunting. Features 5 mm exit pupil, 16 ft. close focus, and ultra long 22 mm eye relief. Weighs 32 oz.

The cast-metal alloy design of this binocular is able to weather heavy field use well. Black rubber armoring guards these binoculars against bumps and scratches, and finger grooves allow a secure grip.

Package includes a tough soft field case, objective lens caps, and a deluxe wide neck strap. The 10x50 UltraView Binoculars also feature a threaded socket for accepting a tripod adapter.

Orion 10x50 UltraView Wide Angle Binoculars Highlights

  • Ultra long 22 mm eye relief
  • Optics are fully multi-coated
  • Finest BAK-4 glass prisms
  • Large knurled center focus knob
  • Twist-lock eyecups
  • Tripod adapter socket