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Orion LRGB Color Filter Set - 2" - 05567

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SKU: ORI-05567

Orion LRGB Color Filter Set - 2"

Orion 2" LRGB filter set is specifically designed to help astrophotographers create incredible LRGB photos captured by monochrome imaging cameras!

When using 2" LRGB filters, astrophotgraphers are able to use larger format CCD cameras, as well as other imaging systems, and combining the images taken with these cameras while the filters are in place can result in finer resolution and and fantastic color results!

The set comes complete with four metal cell filters, a red filter, a blue filter, a green filter, and a Luminance filter which works to eliminate haze. All of these filters are coated to block ultraviolet (UV) and infrared (IR) wavelengths. Ultimately, these results in high contrast images. The glass is a robust dichroic glass which yields maximum light transmission. Orion has also designed the set to be parfocal to limit the need for refocusing between exposures.