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Orion StarMax 127 Maksutov-Cassegrain EQ Telescope - 09826

SKU: ORI-09826

StarMax 127mm EQ Compact "Mak" Telescope. For the serious astronomer who values performance and quality optics but wants portability and easy set-up, the StarMax 127 EQ is ideal. Credit its light-folding Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design and big 127mm (5") aperture for delivering high-resolution imaging performance in a tube only 14.5" long! And with the included AstroView equatorial mount providing more than ample support for high-magnification study, this telescope will turn a stargazing pastime into a passion.

With 55% greater light-gathering capacity than a 4" scope and double that of a 90mm, the hundreds of deep-sky objects plotted on your star atlas now become willing targets. On the other hand, the scope's long 1540mm focal length (f/12.1) permits magnifications upwards of 250x with optional eyepieces, allowing study of surface features on Mars and ring detail on Saturn. Internal tube baffling and multi-coatings on the meniscus lens maximize image contrast and brightness. This scope simply doesn't compromise. The same can be said for the StarMax 127's construction and accessories. No cheap plastic here as on competitors' offerings, just back-to-basics quality. The seamless aluminum tube is enameled a rich metallic burgundy and fitted with quality aluminum front and rear cells. A built-in, two-bolt 1/4"-20 plate assures rigid coupling to the mount (or to a tripod for terrestrial use). Aluminum focus knob with rubber grip. Aluminum eyepiece holder with two large thumbscrew locks. Quality 25mm (62x) Sirius Plossl eyepiece (1.25") and mirror star diagonal. A 6x26 correct-image achromatic finder scope with aluminum dovetail bracket. Even a padded carrying case. Optional EQ-3M single and dual-axis electronic drives allow hands-free tracking. The StarMax 127 EQ will quickly become the most frequently used telescope you'll ever own! Weighs 37 lbs. total. One-year limited warranty.