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Orion StarSeeker Solar Tracking Altazimuth Mount - 10382

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SKU: ORI-10382

Orion Solar StarSeeker Tracking Altazimuth Mount

  • The Orion Solar StarSeeker Tracking Altazimuth Mount automatically tracks the Sun as it rises and moves through the sky.
  • Features a built-in GPS and CCD sensor for optimal solar alignment and tracking.
  • CAUTION - Designed for solar use only. Only use with a solar filter attached or solar telescope.

Orion's Solar StarSeeker Tacking Altazimuth Mount keeps the Sun in your sights with the push of a button! Enjoy easy sun observations with this GPS equipped mount with a built-in camera. This mount will automatically locate, center, and track the Sun as it travels across the sky. The GPS system is simple to use and doesn't require any cumbersome alignment setup or data entry. After you push the power button, sit back and watch the mount do the rest. Easily attach your solar telescope using the narrow, vertical Vixen-style dovetail. The mount supports a wide variety of solar telescopes weighing up to 7lbs. If you need to make minor adjustments, use the joystick button on the mount to override its aiming system.

The SolarSeeker mount includes a robust, cylindrical-leg tripod too attach telescopes with a height anywhere between 37.5" and 57". This sturdy tripod minimizes vibrations for smooth, steady views of the Sun. There is even a handy accessory tray to store eyepieces or other accessories you need at a moment's notice.Orion's Solar StarSeeker Tracking Altazimuth Mount is conveniently powered by 8 AA batteries so you don't have to worry about finding an external power source. Easily take the mount on the go; at just 8.6 lbs this mount is ready for wherever the skies may take you.

CAUTION: The Orion Solar StarSeeker Mount is designed to automatically locate, center, and track the Sun. Do not use the Solar StarSeeker Mount with any telescope or optical instrument that does not have a professionally made solar filter securely installed before turning on the mount. Never look at the Sun, either directly or through a telescope, without a professionally made protective solar filter installed that completely covers the front of the instrument, or permanent eye damage could result.