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Orion StarShoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera - 53087

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SKU: ORI-53087

Orion StarShoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera - 53088

  • This Orion StarShoot G4 Monocrome Deep Space Imaging Camera is the latest model in Orion's widely popular StarShoot series of imaging cameras

  • This camera includes impressive features such as the regulated thermoelectric cooling system (TEC) to keep your camera at least 20° below ambient temperature.
  • The StarShoot G4 Monochrome is equipped with the 1/2" format Sony ICX829AKA color CCD sensor to detect and capture intricate features of deep space objects

The Orion StarShoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera boasts the latest high-performance technology including an efficient cooling and extraordinary CCD chip sensor. You will be amazed by the quality astrophotos you will be able to capture using this latest StarShoot Imaging Camera from Orion. The regulated thermoelectric cooling system will keep the camera cool when it counts. By using regulated thermoelectric cooling (TEC), the StarShoot G4 will maintain a temperature at least 20° below ambient temperature. This will minimize noise, giving you sharp dark frame acquisition and pinpoint image capture. A vibration-free fan is also equipped to ensure optimal cooling.

The StarShoot G4 Monochrome can also produce advanced tri-color imaging when used with LRGB or narrowband astrophotography filters. This way you can easily manage which light wavelengths to enhance for unique and vibrantly colored astrophotos of faint deep space objects.

The Orion StarShoot G4 Monochrome Deep Space Imaging Camera is built with the 1/2" format Sony ICX829AKA monochrome CCD sensor, which boasts a 752 x 582 pixel array with sensitive, 8.6 micron by 8.3 micron pixels to detect and capture detailed features of deep space objects. A large, 1/2" format CCD sensor isn't usually available in cameras priced as low as the Orion StarShoot G4. The big chip provides a much larger imaging field of view than cameras equipped with 1/3" format sensors so you can shoot more sky in less time. This high-performance StarShoot G4 camera can download a full-frame image in just 1.5 seconds, and subframe capability provides even speedier downloads. With an exposure range of 0.01 seconds to 60 minutes, this camera is capable of capturing lengthy exposures of fascinating deep space phenomena as well as swift snapshots of the Moon and planets.

Included is a download insert for complete Orion Camera Studio astrophotography imaging software. Easily to control image capture, save, process, and share images with the Orion Camera Studio. This software is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 Operating Systems. ASCOM drivers are included. Versatile StarShoot G4 cameras can also be used for autoguiding. Measuring at just 2.68" x 2.75" x 3.63", the StarShoot G4 is compact enough to go with you wherever you go. Included is a built-in 2" nosepiece and T-threads along with a 1.25" adapter for easy attachment to a variety of imaging telescopes. Includes a 10' USB cable and a 10' 12V auto-lighter socket power cable.


  • Color or Monochrome Camera: Monochrome

  • Imaging Camera Series: Orion Starshoot

  • Camera Sensor Manufacturer: Sony

  • Sensor Model: Sony ICX829AKA

  • Sensor Type: CCD

  • Sensor Dimensions (mm): 7.4 x 5.95

  • Pixel Size (µm): 8.6 x 8.3

  • Pixel Array (pixels): 752 x 582 (437,664 total)

  • Camera Cooling: Built-In Fan

  • Bit Depth: 16 Bit

  • Minimum Exposure: 10 milliseconds

  • Maximum Exposure: 60 minutes

  • Software Included: Orion Camera Studio software download card

  • Computer Interface: USB 2.0

  • Camera Dimensions: 2.68" x 2.75" x 3.63"

  • Camera Weight (lb.): 1.25