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Orion Premium 190mm f/5.3 Mak-Newt Astrograph OTA - 09978

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SKU: ORI-09978

Orion 190mm f/5.3 Maksutov-Newtonian Astrograph OTA

The Orion Maksutov-Newtonian features premium optics to reveal everything from planetary surface features to deep-sky phenomena. The impressive 190mm Mak-Newt optical design creates sharp, detailed images of celestial objects with its flat-field, coma-suppressed optics.

The telescope's all-machined dual-speed 2" Crayford-style focuser with 11:1 fine focus control provides smooth motion and secure support for DLSR cameras, dedicated astrophotography cameras, and heavy visual accessories. The focuser includes 2" and 1.25" compression ring adapters for scratch-free insertion of eyepieces and other accessories. A T-thread adapter is included for direct attachment of a camera body (may require appropriate T-ring, sold separately). Two included tube rings and a narrow "Vixen-style" dovetail mounting bar are included for easy attachment of the 22 lb. telescope tube to appropriate mounts and tripods.

The 190mm Maksutov-Newtonian Astrograph optics provide tremendous resolution with its optically fast f/5.3 design. The impressive 7.5" aperture ensures plenty of light-gathering ability to capture superb images of even the faintest of deep-sky gems. Attach a camera, such as a DSLR or Orion StarShoot astrophotography camera, and you'll be ready to start producing top-notch astrophotos in no time!

The telescope's primary mirror is made of high-grade, low-expansion optical glass with enhanced reflectivity coatings for maximum performance. The primary mirror and the fully multi-coated BK7 meniscus lens combine to render truly spectacular images, with pinpoint stars across the entire field of view. The primary mirror and meniscus lens are securely held in place by three radially positioned nylon-tip set screws, which prevent any possibility of slippage or shifting. The 37.5"-long metal tube contains five knife-edge internal baffles for exceptional contrast.

The secondary mirror diameter of 64mm provides a very large illuminated field to take full advantage of larger CCD chips, found in DSLR cameras and many popular astrophotography cameras. The 100% fully illuminated field diameter of over 22mm produces brighter images with less vignetting compared to other telescope designs.

So go ahead, push the envelope of your own imaging capabilities - affordably - with the Orion Premium 190mm Mak-Newt Astrograph Telescope.

Orion 190mm Maksutov-Newtonian Astrograph Specs

  • Telescope Optical Design: Maksutov Newtonian
  • Telescope Aperture: 190mm (7.5")
  • Telescope Focal Ratio: f/5.3
  • Telescope Focal Length: 1000mm
  • Limiting Stellar Magnitude: 14.1
  • Lowest Useful Magnification: 27x
  • Highest Useful Magnification: 300x
  • Focuser Style: Crayford/Crayford Style
  • Focuser Size: 2"
  • Focuser Speed: Dual Speed
  • Telescope Mount Type: No Mount - OTA Only
  • OTA Length: 37.5"
  • OTA Weight: 22lb
  • Bonus Items in Package: 2" to 1.25" eyepiece adapter