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Orion TrueTrack Dual Axis Motor Drive System for SkyView Pro Equatorial Mounts - 07832

SKU: ORI-07832

Orion TrueTrack Dual-Axis DC Drive System

Just install the Orion True Track Dual-Axis Electronic Drive on a compatible Orion equatorial telescope mount and you will be ready to track celestial objects automatically. This electronic drive provides regulated sidereal-rate tracking in right ascension and electronic control of declination. The hand controller features 2x, 4x, 8x, and pause mode. Thumbwheel clutches on both motors allow use of manual slow-motion controls. Included are the 2 electric motors, electronic hand controller, and battery case. Powered by four D-Cell batteries (not included).

This Orion True Track Dual-Axis Electronic System is compatible with Orion SkyView Pro mounted telescopes.