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Orion 0.85x Focal Reducer Corrector for ED80 f/7.5 Refractor - 5195

SKU: ORI-5195
  • This Orion 0.85x Focal Reducer & Corrector is made to be used with 80 mm ED APO refractor optical tubes, but is not compatible with the Orion 80 mm EON ED refractor.
  • Features a two-element design with one element consisting of extra-low dispersion ED optical glass.
  • Best suited for photographing the night sky using DSLR cameras that have sensor chips measuring up to 36x24 mm.
  • Reduces the effective focal length of ED80 telescopes by a factor of 0.85x, converting a 600 mm f/7.5 scope into a 510 mm f/6.3 scope for a more expansive field of view.
  • With all air-to-glass surfaces containing multiple layers of coatings, the Orion 0.85x Focal Reducer provides enhanced brightness and contrast.
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Orion 0.8X Focal Reducer for Refractors with 2" Focusers - 8894

SKU: ORI-8894
  • Decreasing the effective focal length by a factor of 0.8x allows this Orion Focal Reducer to improve the astrophotography capabilities of refractors by enabling a shorter and faster focal ratio.
  • Any refractor telescope outfitted with a 2" focuser is compatible with the Orion 0.8x Focal Reducer.
  • Gives refractors the ability to achieve a broader field of view, as well as to take significantly less time to capture brilliant photos with great detail.
  • 38 mm clear aperture optics with full multi-coatings are contained within smooth exterior made of machined and anodized aluminum.
  • Back focus requirement is 55 mm.

Orion 0.5x Focal Reducer for StarShoot G3-G4 Imaging Cameras - 1.25" - 52066

SKU: ORI-52066
  • This 0.5x Focal Reducer from Orion expands the imaging area of Orion StarShoot G3 and G4 cameras by a factor of 4.
  • A larger imaging area gives the StarShoot G3 or G4 the ability to capture both wider star fields and some deep sky objects.
  • Dual lens design with fully coated optics.
  • Compatible with both monochrome and color Orion StarShoot G3 and G4 cameras.
  • Made of sturdy anodized aluminum, the Orion 0.5x Focal Reducer cell threads straight into the camera's nosepiece.