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Orion 12-17 mm Variable T-Thread Spacer Ring - 05326

SKU: ORI-05326

Orion 12-17 mm Variable T-Thread Spacer Ring

  • T-mount threaded ring offers spacing ranging from a minimum of 12 mm to a maximum of 17 mm
  • With this variable extension ring, critical spacing for astro-imaging cameras and accessories such as off-axis guiders is provided
  • Outfitted with t-threads on each end
  • 1.75" clear diameter
  • Construction consists of aluminum that has been finely machined and anodized

Does it seem like you need a tool box full of different spacers to reach focus with different cameras, guiders, and other astrophotography gear? Now instead of hauling around a bunch of different spacer rings, you can get exactly the spacing you need with a single accessory - the adjustable Orion Variable 12-17 mm T-thread Spacer Ring.

As its name suggests, this useful accessory provides a minimum spacing of 12 mm and a maximum of 17 mm. Since so many astrophotography gear setups require precise spacing in this range for optimal results, the Variable 12-17 mm T-thread Spacer Ring will soon become one of your most favored imaging accessories. Adjustments are delightfully easy - just turn the knurled ring to your desired spacing and securely lock the ring into position with its built-in set-screws. Since the Variable 12-17 mm T-thread Spacer Ring Features standard T-threads on both ends, it's easy to attach to virtually any astrophotography camera and/or imaging accessory such as an off-axis guider or flip mirror. With a 1.75" clear diameter, it's useful for most types of astrophotography. Made of finely machined and anodized aluminum.