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Telescope Accessories

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Orion Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians

Orion Three-Fan Cooling System for Convex-Back Dobsonians - 07818

SKU: ORI-07818
  • This Orion Three-Fan Cooling System minimizes the amount of time spent waiting for your large GoTo Dobsonian telescope to achieve thermal equilibrium.
  • Made specifically to fit the primary mirror cells of the Orion XX14i IntelliScope as well as the XX14g and XX16g GoTo Dobsonian.
  • Enables a quickly optimized visual experience.
  • All three fans feature 33.4 CFM (cubic foot per minute) air flow for considerably accelerated optical cooling for Dobsonian telescopes.
  • These fans are quiet and do not produce vibrations.
Orion Large Reflector Cooling Fan

Orion Cooling Accelerator Fan for Large Reflector Telescopes - 07816

SKU: ORI-07816
  • This small, quiet Orion Cooling Fan speeds up optical cooling for large reflector telescopes.
  • Considerably enhances the quality of views experienced through your reflector.
  • Eliminates the need to wait an inordinate amount of time for your telescope to cool down.
  • Operates on eight user supplied D-cell batteries that provide up to approximately 14 hours of battery life.