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Orion Atlas II EQ-G Equatorial GoTo Mount and Tripod - 08269

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SKU: ORI-08269

Orion Atlas II EQ-G Equatorial Mount and Tripod

  • The Orion Atlas II EQ-G Mount raises the bar for dependable but reasonably priced precision equatorial mounts for amateur astronomers and astro-imagers!
  • Improves on the highly regarded Atlas EQ-G model by offering a 44 lb. payload capacity, as well as over a dozen enhanced features and specifications.
  • In addition to using a belt drive to minimize both operating noise and backlash, the Atlas II now features a lifting handle, more convenient altitude and azimuth adjustment knobs, a USB port, thread-on power cable, camera control port, and a polar scope reticle with better accuracy that functions in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres.
  • The SynScan V5 hand controller included with this mount boasts a database with over 42,000 celestial objects, as well as Tour mode for exploring the most worthwhile targets on a given night, PPEC, and more.
  • Although a monster in terms of stability at just below 40 pounds, the Atlas II EQ-G mount is still able to offer moderate portability due to its new carry/lift handle.

As far as precision EQ mounts for amateur astronomy observers and imagers that are both dependable and affordable go, the Orion Atlas II EQ-G Equatorial Mount is the gold standard. With this upgraded Atlas II model, several enhanced features and specifications are included to improve upon the already highly regarded Atlas EQ-G. Capable of accepting payloads weighing up to 44 pounds, the newly designed Atlas II EQ-G provides better stability and operational accuracy in order to give users a sturdy foundation for just about any optical tube or imaging train that a dedicated intermediate or advanced astronomer might employ.

Like the Atlas EQ-G, the new Atlas II EQ-G Equatorial GoTo Mount uses dual stepper motors with a 1.8° step angle. But unlike its predecessor the Atlas II EQ-G incorporates belt drives for whisper-quiet slewing, reduced backlash, and improved guiding accuracy. The mount's latitude adjustment has been beefed up with big bolts that work even with a full telescope load. The dual width saddle is compatible with both D and V style mounting plates. At nearly 40 lbs., the equatorial head now sports a large handle to make lifting it onto and off of the tripod much easier.

The Atlas II EQ-G's drive panel contains a few new features as well, such as a USB port for using a computer with optional third party software to operate the mount, and a "SNAP" port for controlling your DSLR camera using the SynScan hand controller to enable astrophotography. Includes a 12V power cable that now threads onto the jack for a more secure connection that won't fall out.

An improved built-in illuminated polar scope ensures more precise polar alignment for astrophotography. It now features a finely graduated "clock face" reticle for users in the Northern Hemisphere, in keeping with many popular polar alignment apps. The reticle also has alignment stars for the constellation Octans, for use in the Southern Hemisphere. Even the protective cover has undergone improvements as it now slips on and secures using only a single thumbscrew.

The SynScan Hand Controller's database contains 42,900 objects, including Messier, NGC, and IC catalogs, along with a multitude of useful components and functions. These include Tour mode which guides you to most favorable targets currently visibly in the sky, permanent periodic error correction (PPEC), up to 1 arc-minute pointing accuracy, pointing accuracy enhancement (PAE), DSLR camera control, multiple slew speeds and autoguiding rates, the ability to set slewing limits, parking, ASCOM compatibility, and a USB port for updating firmware via the Internet (USB cable not included). The Atlas II has a secure, threaded power input jack; a built-in autoguider port for accurate astrophotographic use; and offers 9 different slew speeds (up to 4.2° per second).

Comes with a heavy-duty tripod that is equipped with 2" extendable stainless steel legs and an accessory tray that doubles as a tripod spreader for added rigidity. The tray holds both 1.25" and 2" eyepieces and accessories. Two 11.5-lb. counterweights and a 184 mm counterweight shaft extension are included. Total assembled weight of mount and tripod, not including counterweights, is 56 lbs., 11.3 oz.

The Atlas II EQ-G Equatorial GoTo Mount requires a power supply (sold separately) with an output voltage of 11-16V and output current of 4 amps.