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Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensing Headlamp - 05383

SKU: ORI-05383

Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensing Flashlight

  • Head mounted red LED flashlight for hands-free night time viewing
  • The light can be activiated with the wave of your hand using the motion sensing on/off feature
  • Contains four brightness settings: 5%, 10%, 50%, and 100% with motion sensing mode available at 100%
  • Comfortable elastic head band fits all head sizes

For those with experience fumbling around on your knees searching for a dropped setscrew in the grass at night with only one hand because the other hand is holding your red-light flashlight, now you can use both hands with this Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensing Headlamp! Besides recovering lost parts, this versatile red-light LED flashlight also helps with setting up your astronomy equipment by allowing the use of both hands to connect it all together. Includes an elastic adjustable head strap to fit all head sizes while providing a firm yet comfortable grasp on the flashlight to keep it in place.

However, the Orion RedBeam LED Motion Sensor is not your everyday hands-free flashlight. Along with red LED light illumination adjustable to 5%, 10%, 50%, and 100%, a completely hands-free mode exists that enables the light to be turned on and off with just the wave of your hand! If your hand is within approximately 4" of the front of the LED, a sensor will detect the motion and turn the light on and off. Nothing beyond 4" will trigger the light so you don't have to worry about any head movements activating the sensor and turning the light off while its still being used. And, probably the motion sensor's most beneficial aspect, you'll no longer have to fumble around for the power button in the cold darkness with thick gloves on your hands.

Perfect for reading star charts while in the field at the lower brightness setting so you won't disturb your night vision, and for walking around your campsite or packing your equipment up for the night when using the brighter settings. Powered by three AAA batteries (not included), and adjustable to aim straight out or angled downwards towards the ground when worn. The RedBeam LED Headlamp is a must have accessory and you'll quickly wonder how you did without it!