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Telescope Accessories

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Orion Field Flattener for Short Refractors

Orion Field Flattener for Short Refractors - 08893

SKU: ORI-08893
  • For short refractor telescopes with fast optics, this convenient fully multi-coated 38 mm clear aperture Orion Field Flattener eliminates field curvature.
  • Works with refractors that have focal lengths between 400 mm and 660 mm, and focal ratios between f/5 and f/7.5.
  • This Orion Field Flattener makes your fast refractor better suited for astrophotography, thereby unlocking its full potential.
  • Flattens the field of view while maintaining the focal length attributes of your short refractor.
  • Suitable for use with 2" focusers, this Orion Field Flattener requires a back focus of 55 mm.

Orion 3" Field Flattener for EON 115/130 EDT Refractors - 8671

SKU: ORI-8671
  • Compatible with 115 mm and 130 mm EON ED Triplet Refractor Telescopes, the Orion 3" Field Flattener maximizes flat-field imaging performance.
  • Field curvature distortions are fixed to allow stars maintain their sharpness all the way to the camera sensor edge.
  • Provides a rigorous connection by attaching directly to the EON 115 or 130 refractor's 3" focuser drawtube.
  • Camera side features wide M48 threads for secure attachment enhanced for DSLRs and other cameras with large sensors.
  • Fully multi-coated optics help to maximize light transmission for brighter and more vivid imaging results.
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