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PrimaLuceLab M81 to M72 Adapter w/ Ring Stop for ESATTO 3" - PL3600272

SKU: PLL-PL3600272

PrimaLuceLab M81 to M72 Adapter w/ Stop Ring for ESATTO 3"

This PrimaLuceLab adapter, equipped with a stop ring, gives users the ability to connect any camera or accessory with M72 (M72x0.75) female threads to the ESATTO 3". The optical length of the adapter is 4mm (1.5mm for the adapter and 2.5mm for the stop ring).

Adapter Thread Compatibility

The M81 thread, will connect to the drawtube of the ESATTO 3", and the thread on the other side will connect to an M72 compatible camera or other compatible accessories. With the stop ring, you can connect the camera at a precise angle to better frame the camera sensor toward the celestial object.