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QHY16200A - APS-H Format Monochrome CCD Camera with Integrated 5 Position Filter Wheel - QHY16200A

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QHY QHY16200 Monochrome CCD Camera
with 5-Position 2" Filter Wheel

The QHY16200 uses a special APS-H CCD sensor, the result of a fruitful partnership between QHYCCD and the sensor supplier. The APS-H has been developed specifically with attention to amateur astronomers who need a monochrome sensor larger than an APS-C.

APS-H Format CCD Sensor

The APS-H sensor, with an effective image area of 27 mm x 21.6 mm, is much larger than the QHY8L's 23.4 mm x 15.8 mm APS-C format sensor. The logic behind making such a large sensor is due to the fact that there isn't a monochrome sensor between 8300 (4/3") and 11002 (full size). The APS-H format is applicable for most telescopes as well as for 2" filters.

This sensor has a pixel size of 6.0 µm x 6.0 µm with 16 mega pixels, a little bit bigger than the 8300's 5.4 µm. QE is anticipated to be identical to the 8300 or higher. The 37ke full well capacity is significantly higher than the 8300's 25.5ke.

Fully Integrated "A" Series Camera

As a member of QHY's new "A" series "ALL-IN-ONE" camera family, the QHY16200A features a built-in motor driven color filter wheel, while inherently supporting QHY's Medium OAG Off-Axis Guider (sold separately). Six M3 screw holes enable solid installation of the QHY OAG with minimal back focus, crucial for some optical systems.

An internal USB 2.0 hub offers two USB host ports and a USB to dual RS232 converter for attaching guide cameras, mounts, and electric focusers directly to the camera without having to use a computer. Instead of multiple long cables leading to clutter and the possibility of signal loss, with the QHY16200A, you need only one USB cable.

Butterfly Shutter - Virtually Unlimited Life and Uniform Illumination

The QHY16200A camera uses a motor driven mechanical shutter in the shape of a butterfly. This shutter is only a single part and does not interact with or cause friction to other parts. It has a virtually unlimited operating life to go with a uniform illumination feature. There are also two sides to this shutter for light coverage.

12V Power Socket with Screw Lock & USB Clip

This camera is powered by a single 12V socket. This power socket uses thread lock to provide a solid connection with DC plugs. An additional socket connected with the input in parallel is also available to provide the 12V of power to any external device within reach.

For their "A" series design, QHYCCD offers a unique stainless steel USB cable clip to help negate instances of USB transfer hang while the telescope is in motion. This happens as a result of unreliable USB connections designed for commercial use and not for applications that need a high degree of dependability.

This version of the QHY 16200A camera comes with a built-in 5-position color filter wheel that will accept either 50mm unmounted or 2" mounted filters. If you use 50mm unmounted filters the glass can be anywhere from 1mm to 5mm thick. The maximum height allowable for the filter cell of 2" mounted filters is 6mm.

QHY QHY16200A Monochrome CCD Camera Specifications

  • CCD Sensor: APS-H Standard Grade
  • Effective Pixels: 4540 x 3630 (16 mega pixels)
  • Pixel Size: 6.0 µm x 6.0 µm
  • Effective Area: 27.0 mm x 21.6 mm
  • Readout Type: Full Frame CCD, Progressive Scan
  • Full Well Capacity: Typical 41ke
  • ADC: 16bit
  • Readout Noise: Typical 10e-
  • System Gain: 0.7e/adu
  • Binning Modes: 1x1, 2x2, 4x4
  • Anti-Blooming: 2000x
  • Thermal Noise: 0.04e/pixel/sec @ -20ºC
  • Minimum Exposure Time: 0.001 seconds
  • Maximum Exposure Time: 10,000 seconds
  • TEC: 2 stage
  • Cooling: Typical -40º below ambient
  • Shutter: Butterfly mechanical shutter with uniform illumination
  • Moisture Control: Air Connector for removable silicon gel tube. Heat board for optic window of sealed CCD chamber.
  • Filter Wheel: Built-in 5-position for 2" filters
  • OAG Interface: Six M3 screw holes for QHYOAG
  • Telescope Interface: M54/0.75 inner screw
  • Power Consumption: 0% cooling 8W; 50% cooling 16.5W; 100% cooling 27W
  • Weight: 3 lbs. 6 oz.