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QHY QHY22 Monochrome ICX-694 Camera - QHY22

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QHY QHY22 Monochrome ICX-694 Camera

Get ready for a camera that offers low read noise and high QE!

This QHY22 CCD Imaging Camera utilizes Sony's high-sensitivity EXview HAD CCD II ICX694 sensor. These sensors have a high peak QE, 79%, and a very low thermal noise. With these two qualities and the camera's dual stage TE cooling technology, give this QHY camera great astroimaging capabilities.The typical read noise of this QHY22 Monochrome camera of around 5 electrons is a definite highlight. For those looking to image faint deep sky objects or use narrowband filters, then this low read noise will help you achieve better images with multiple frames stacked.

QHY has designed the camera to have relatively small pixels. This means that these cameras give higher detailed results when using smaller telescopes.

The camera body of the QHY QHY22 camera gives full moisture control. This includes an air-proof CCD chamber with a silicon gel tube socket and a chamber optical window heater.

QHY22 Monochrome Camera Specifications

  • Camera Model: QHY22
  • Sensor: Sony ICX694
  • Pixel Size: 4.5µm x 4.5µm
  • Resolution: 2758 x 2208
  • Megapixels: 6.1
  • Effective Image Area: 13.79 mm x 9.93 mm
  • AD Sample Depth: 16 Bit
  • Sensor Size: 1"
  • Readout Noise: 4e to 5e-
  • Peak QE: 79%
  • Fullwell: 15-20ke-
  • Back Focal Length: 17 mm (+0.5)
  • Guide Port: 6 pin RJ11
  • Wheel Port: 4 pin QHYCFW Socket
  • Cooling: Dual Stage TEC (-45C Below Ambient)
  • Camera Interface: M42/0.75