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QSI manufactures world-class astronomy cameras at unbeatable prices! These astronomy cameras are made by astrophotographers, for astrophotographers. In fact, QSI’s lead designer is an active astrophotographer himself. These are professional grade cameras that have been used in a variety of applications, including astro-imaging, high-speed guiding, photomety, astrometry, spectroscopy, and much more.

QSI’s 600 camera series features cooled CCD cameras that yield sharp, high-contrast images with minimal noise. The cameras use a thermo-electric cooler (TEC) to produce the 'Peltier Effect’ to over 45°C. When power is applied to a TEC, one side of the device gets cold and the other side gets hot, essentially pumping heat from the cold side to the hot side. All QSI 600 Series cameras employ a two-stage TEC to increase the differential cooling effect. The more power applied to the TEC, the greater the differential cooling and the colder the CCD can get.

We like to think of purchasing a QSI camera as an investment for astro-imaging. We are confident you will get many years of use out of a QSI camera. Their timeless, low-profile design adds minimal weight to your imaging setup and ensures effortless cable management. These cameras are also highly power efficient, drawing less than 12VDC. Not only does this result in less heat that needs to be dissipated but it allows much longer operation when running on batteries. Purchase a QSI camera and see for yourself!

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