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25-Foot Stand-Off Cable for Revolution Imager

25-Foot Stand-Off Cable for Revolution Imager - RI-25OFF

  • Cable or Adapter Type: Power
  • Connector Type: Side A: Video/BNC/RF
  • Connector Type: Side B: Phono Jack/RCA
Revolution Battery Pack Tip Converter for Meade Telescopes

Revolution Battery Pack Tip Converter - RI-C2M

  • Cable or Adapter Type: Power
  • Connector Type: Side A: Phono Jack/RCA
  • Connector Type: Side B: Phono Jack/RCA

Revolution Imager is most known for their astronomy video cameras. These aren’t your average astronomy cameras, however. The Revolution Imager will pick up more detail than your eye could see through an eyepiece. Revolution bolsters their video cameras to show even the most elusive deep-sky objects in incredible detail. View everything from the serene mountains of the Moon to the stunning Messier catalog objects all on a video monitor in real time. No more straining your body all night long just to view your favorite objects.

Every Revolution Imager system is carefully inspected and double-checked to make sure all accessories are included and functioning so you can see what you've been missing in no time at all. And best of all - no computer is required! Many Revolution Imager packages even include a portable battery-powered 7" monitor, allowing you to get up and running straight away no matter where you are without the added hassle of bad drivers, unexpected updates, viruses and crashes.

The USB Video Capture Adapter allows you to capture images and videos from the Revolution Imager so that you can share them with the world. You can then use any number of digital imaging software available to live-stack images from the Revolution Imager. that will allow you to Programs like SharpCap and AstroToaster make it easy to stack images, revealing fainter details in celestial objects. Another great software program is RegiStax, which will produce beautiful images of the planets and Moon. All three of these programs are available for free by going to their respective websites.

Revolution also offers many video astronomy accessories separately to enhance your own Revolution Imager. Be sure to check out their USB adapters, accessory kits, battery packs, and more. These accessories are invaluable to getting the most out of your experience with the Revolution Imager!

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