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  • Rigel Systems Rigel Systems PulsGuide Illuminator for Reticle Eyepieces - PUL-1
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Rigel began as a simple flashlight manufacturer but would grow to design many other telescope accessories. Started in 1983 by Leon and Linda Palmer, the pair noticed how inefficient rechargeable flashlights were and sought to design a red LED flashlight suited for the astronomer. The result was the Starlite! Unlike other flashlights in the 80’s, the Starlite uses red LEDs, resulting in a bright red light that lasts for hours without compromising an observer’s adapted night vision. Since then, Rigel Systems has improved their original design for brightness variations, ruggedness, and even made a version using red and white LEDs, called the Skylite.

Another popular accessory developed by Rigel Systems is the nFOCUS motor controller. This is a two-speed pulse-width-modulated focus motor controller that overcomes the most common issues with motor controllers. Other motor controllers adjust the voltage to adjust speed and thereby don't have the power to turn the motor over at low speed. The nFOCUS whacks the motor with a full 12-volt, short-duration pulse to overcome stiction at low-speed operation, providing plenty of umph! It is amazing to see it work, to see the focus change step by step until it's just right. No more coasting past then back again.

Rigel continues to search for ways to make amateur astronomy easier and more affordable. We are proud to offer their full line of products. From the Starlite to the nFOCUS, we know you will be disappointed with the Rigel Systems accessories!

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